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Physical Therapy in Summerville, SC

Whole Health Physical Therapy

One-on-one compassionate care

Whole Health Physical Therapy in Summerville, SC is distinguished for its holistic approach to treating all aspects of our clients’ health and wellness.

As owner and operator Beth Rini Scott, Doctor of Physical Therapy, explains, “we treat whole people, not just body parts.”

Dr. Scott is licensed in both SC and VA and can work with clients in either state.

Every client receives a minimum 50-minute one-on-one treatment with her at each visit, and it can go longer if there is a need.

This personalized treatment helps the therapist and the patient partner work together to make the client’s health a priority. 

In addition to physical therapy, Whole Health offers private yoga sessions, specialized nutrition/weight management, wellness coaching and many options for moving safely and free of pain regardless of physical ailment or condition.

This specialized cash-for-treatment facility in the greater Charleston area offers

Feldenkrais Functional Integration® and Awareness Through Movement®, Functional Movement Screen, Bones for Life™, Medical Therapeutic Yoga, body mechanics and posture as prevention, Nutrition Therapy, in addition to traditional physical therapy services. Beth is the ONLY Physical Therapist certified in Feldenkrais, Bones For Life, Nutrition Therapy, and Medical Therapeutic Yoga in Summerville!

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Whole Health Physical Therapy, LLC in Lynchburg, VA closed in February pending my move to SC. In light of the Corona Virus and the quarantine, I am restarting my cash-based practice with a transition to offering Telehealth sessions in BOTH VA and SC.