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MEDICAL THERAPEUTIC YOGA                   Fridays at 9:00 AM

Yoga built for YOU from the ground up. We begin with the basics, such as breathing, and build your skill from there. No more straining to achieve impossible poses! You can start at your most basic capability and progress to the level of your comfort. This approach takes into account all of your potential medical or physical limitations and works with them, or around them, as necessary. This is NOT a flow class—poses are addressed one at a time so that you can learn them in detail and master them before moving on with your practice. We also use props and supports such as blocks, blankets, straps, chairs as needed so that you can feel comfortable and competent. Class size is limited for individualized instruction.

**Please bring a yoga mat (considered a personal item for hygiene reasons). We have some blocks, blankets and straps available for use.



Come join us, lying on the floor or seated in a chair, to discover the richness of Awareness Through Movement ®!  This method of movement education is very slow, gentle and relaxing and can help reduce pain, improve calm, increase flexibility of mind and body and make you feel younger again! It is known to also improve posture and balance.

**Please bring a quilt or thick blanket for your comfort on the floor.


Please contact me if you are planning on attending either class so that I can prepare the space appropriately.

Thank you!

Beth@wholehealthpt.com or 434-420-3263


Want Some Help?

Whole Health Physical Therapy, LLC in Lynchburg, VA closed in February pending my move to SC. In light of the Corona Virus and the quarantine, I am restarting my cash-based practice with a transition to offering Telehealth sessions in BOTH VA and SC.