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January 13, 2020

Dear Client,

It is with great sadness that I am writing to inform you that, due to multiple family challenges, I will be closing my practice for client visits no later than February 21, 2020. Any visits that are currently scheduled will be honored and followed to the extent allowed in this time frame.

I intend to continue to provide quality care for already scheduled appointments up until this date, regardless of when you have initiated your care with me. I also intend to make appropriate referrals to local practitioners or therapists whom I believe will be best suited to assist you further with your care.

For those who have class cards, I will continue to honor them, or give appropriate refunds based on the number of classes used on the card.

I will maintain your records in a secure manor in compliance with HIPPA laws. My phone contact information will be the same, so please reach out via phone to contact me regarding your records, should you need them for any reason. The records will be destroyed after 7 years of inactive use in accordance with the law. Records are available, for a fee, so if you want your records, I will need at least a 5-day notice to prepare them. I will NOT be mailing records at this time, so you will need to make arrangements to pick them up, if you want them.

Please feel free to contact me at 434-420-3263 should you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for allowing me to partner with you in your Whole Health!!!




Dr. Beth Rini Scott, PT, DPT
Whole Health Physical Therapy, LLC

Physical therapy in Lynchburg

Whole Health Physical Therapy

One-on-one compassionate care

Whole Health Physical Therapy in Lynchburg, VA is distinguished for its holistic approach to treating all aspects of our clients’ health and wellness.

As owner and operator Beth Rini Scott, Doctor of Physical Therapy, explains, “we treat whole people, not just body parts.”

Every patient receives a minimum one-hour one-on-one treatment with her at each visit, and it can go longer if there is a need.

This personalized treatment helps the therapist and the patient partner, working together, to make the patient’s health a priority. 

In addition to physical therapy, Whole Health offers specialized nutrition/weight management, wellness coaching and many options for moving safely and free of pain regardless of physical ailment or condition.

This specialized cash-for-treatment facility in the Wyndhurst area offers

Feldenkrais Functional Integration® and Awareness Through Movement®, Functional Movement Screen, Bones for Life™, Medical Therapeutic Yoga, body mechanics and posture as prevention, in addition to traditional physical therapy services. Beth is the ONLY Physical Therapist certified in Feldenkrais, Bones For Life, and Medical Therapeutic Yoga in Lynchburg!

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