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Whole Health PT helps patients in Lynchburg

Your First Visit

During your first visit to Whole Health Physical Therapy in Lynchburg, VA, you can expect to have a thorough evaluation conducted and start your treatment.

Please wear comfortable clothing.

You may visit our clinic without a doctor’s referral (for most conditions/interventions). However, if you have one, please bring it with you.

Please bring a list of any prescribed medications as well as over-the-counter remedies you take regularly.


By appointment. Call 434-420-3263


We accept all major credit cards.

Frequently asked questions

Question: Why doesn’t Whole Health take insurance?

Whole Health Physical Therapy in Lynchburg, VA opted to be a cash for service clinic in direct response to a concern from many patients who wanted effective, evidence-based treatment so that we could provide care without insurance-related restrictions.

With high deductibles and designated treatment parameters, the needs of the individual patient cannot always be accommodated in insurance-based clinics due to time constraints associated with insurances. For example, some of our patients may have as much as a $60 co-pay and are prescribed therapy twice a week, meaning the family budget has to suddenly absorb an extra $120 a week for a typical insurance-type PT plan of care. 

At Whole Health, we are flexible and able to work with your budget to find a frequency and number of visits that will work for you.

We offer a full hour-long initial session for $150 and follow up visits for $100/hr. (Patients will be considered "new patients" after 3 months of not being seen.) This allows us to schedule one patient at a time to individualize their care without overlapping with other patients. In this way, no time is lost in assessing and advancing the patient’s care often making visits more efficient and effective. Since our treatments last a full hour or more instead of 30 minutes or less, we can accomplish more each session. Combined with consistent home exercises, we may be able to reduce the actual number of visits you need and therefore your out-of-pocket costs.

Question: How are you different from a personal trainer, a massage therapist, a chiropractor or a wellness and fitness trainer?

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I have a comprehensive medical background which allows me to rehabilitate injuries and determine the potential for those injuries to reoccur. With my broad repertoire of certifications and years of experience, I can better assess the extent of injuries and determine a proper course of effective treatment utilizing medical as well as fitness/wellness expertise.

A physical therapist differs from a chiropractor in that chiropractors often use manipulation (high-velocity thrust maneuvers) while physical therapists use manual therapy also known as mobilization. Both are focused on the importance of skeleton and bony alignment. The physical therapist adds consideration of a functional component through exercise and movement retraining.

PT massage differs from  massage therapy in that it is focused on the problem area specifically and is integrated with other techniques to promote healing and return to function.

Question: What ages are your clients?

At Whole Health Physical Therapy we treat clients of all ages, from teenagers to seniors. We see pediatrics under special circumstances, mostly for Feldenkrais ®.

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